Frequently asked questions

2-5 weeks depending how many weddings I have in the queue. I’m getting them to you as fast as I can while still giving them the attention they deserve. After all, I’m almost as excited to get them to you as you are to receive them.

I cut out the blinks, sneezes, misses, and duplicates and give you every one that comes out. That usually averages to be about 600-800 images for an 8-10 hour day with a single photographer.

I’m available for weddings worldwide, but most of my work is along the Eastern Coast of the United States, as Raleigh, North Carolina is home for us.

Natural light isn’t always available on a wedding day, so while I prefer shooting in natural light, I’ve received the training necessary to shoot in any and all lighting environments to ensure that you have the best pictures, no matter what happens. If you’re interested in learning more about what defines a professional wedding photographer in Raleigh, click here.

My response time for email can be up to three days due to my travel schedule, BUT as soon as we decide to work together, I give you my personal cell phone so that you can reach me anytime between 9AM and 9PM (with the exception of 6:30-7:15 every night which is when I put my daughter down to bed.)

I’ve shot a wedding with 103 degree fever, the day before foot surgery (and the day after), two days after my wisdom teeth were taken out, and (not to get too gruesome) with a skinned knee. I’ve got backup plans ready, but I don’t think we’ll need them.

They’re just the perfect food. They’re messy, and made up of a ton of different things, everyone enjoys them differently, and no one can tell you the right way to make them. Kind of like a marriage.

Not unless you’ll take my dirty laundry and my uncut grass too. I’ll give you a finished product, not a chore. Let me do the heavy lifting. It’s kinda my thing. (If this sounds confusing, look at this cat gif and then skip this question) The final images will be delivered in an online gallery with a download link for you to back them up for years to come. Just like how (if they were lucky,) your parents got the film negatives from their wedding photographer.

On your wedding day, I’m using cameras that write the images to two separate memory cards at once. As soon as I leave for the day, one card goes in my pocket, one stays in the camera until I get home. The second I get in the door, the cards get copied to two hard drives and the upload to a cloud starts. Then once the images are edited, they’re put onto a third drive and a second cloud.
So… Yeah. They’re safe.


Because I work all over the states, all collections are customized to each couple individually. All collections are broken into multiple payments and retainers start at $1500. Checks, cash, credit cards and bank transfers are accepted. Please contact me directly for a consultation.