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What is Traction?

A course designed for Professional Photographers to give you the tools and expertise to track your time, set up systems, and make more money per hour without even raising your prices!


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Wedding Photographer Problems...

“I almost ruined my family until I discovered the principles of Traction.”


You can’t make more time. Time is our most precious resource as business owners.

Your business cannot grow and you will not enjoy your life if you don’t manage your time.


Do you feel pressured, rushed or anxious knowing that there is always something else that needs to get done?

Learn to prioritize and break the cycle.


You deserve a life you can enjoy.

Learn to tame the chaos and build the life of your dreams.


Traction is a tool to help wedding photographers save thousands, protect their time, and safeguard their relationships.

Get Traction so you can focus on your life loved-ones dreams

Traction takes photographers from stressed out and not sure their business is going to survive, to confident entrepreneurs with healthy work/life balance.

Experience long-term success using proven principles from people who have been where you want to go!

How does Traction work?

Traction empowers you to track your time, replace busywork with systems, and make more money per hour without raising your prices. 

Make more per hour, be less anxious, and make more time for family and relationships that matter most to you.

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Without Traction:

Extended time spent feeling overwhelmed in your business leads to burnout.


Investing all your time being busy at work leaves no time to invest in what you enjoy.


Company photo editor and photographer working together

With Traction:

Your company is making more revenue with happier clients.


You have more time to vacation and spend time with your loved ones.

Less anxiety about what needs to get done.



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