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Business Hours & Email

Business hours are by appointment only. All communication can expect to be returned in 2-3 business days for non-clients and 1-2 business days for current clients. 

Sending us any solicitation or anything not directly related to hiring our photography services will be taken as your consent to register your email on the weirdest sites we can find on the internet. 

Don’t make it weird. We’ll make it weirder.

Full Wedding Day Coverage

This option is generally best for those that are looking for complete coverage of their wedding day. 

Most couples spend between $5,000-$8,200 not including travel.

Elopement Coverage

This option is generally best for those looking for smaller coverage of elopements, courthouse weddings, or portrait sessions.

Most couples spend between  $2,000-$7,200 not including travel.

Non-wedding Work

We are not accepting new commercial clients at this time. Please check back later.