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The Rickhouse Wedding – Abby and Phil are Married!

While this is my first Rickhouse Wedding and I love shooting in new places, I’m FAR more excited about the people here. Abby and Phil are incredible and their love for each other and for life is so easy to see from any distance. I am so happy to have been here, and even while I was editing, I couldn’t stop smiling at some of these images and just how fun these two were. I hope you get to experience a little portion of their joy I was able to capture. 

happy bride on wedding daycreative bride getting readybride and sister on wedding daybride with cookiebride getting readysilly-face-bridebride-getting-ready-sisterDSC_6217bridesmaids-getting-readyfamily-weddingtraditional bridal portraitcreative-bridal-portraitmother-songroom-seeing-brideDS4_7756DS4_7782candid-wedding-photographycouple-holding-handsDS4_7898BM2_1492BM2_1634how to fake sunset MagModDSC_6490rickhouse-wedding-receptionrickhouse-weddingDS4_8617DS4_8666BM2_2409BM2_2451DS7_8598real wedding photographyDS7_8703candid-wedding-photoDS7_9151rickhouse-wedding-ice-cream-barDS7_9205Rickhouse Wedding MagMod portraitBM3_9162bride and groom rickhouse wedding

About the Couple

Where did your wedding take place?

The Rickhouse

What was your favorite moment on your wedding day?

My favorite moment of the wedding day was getting to marry my best friend while being surrounded by our closest family and friends! We loved getting to celebrate with everyone!

What was the most helpful piece of advice you received when it came to planning your wedding?

The most helpful piece of advice that we received was to take our time and enjoy the planning because it will be over before we know it — they were very right!

What was the biggest reason you chose Dave Shay Photography on your wedding day?

Dave is not only an amazing photographer but is a good family friend! He makes you feel so comfortable when taking pictures, and we knew that no matter what happened, we would end up with beautiful photographs of our special day!

How would you describe your Wedding day? Use as many or as few words as you’d like

Perfect. Our wedding day was better then we could have ever dreamed of — I wish we could do it again!


About the Team


Stand Out Events 


Born to DJ 


Kate Barron – centerpieces,

BloomWorks – bouquets, corsages, church flowers


Fr. Andy, Holy Cross Church

Cake Designer:

Catering Works

Bridesmaid Dress Designer:

David’s Bridal

Groomsmen Attire:

Jos A Banks


Catering Works


About the images

These The Rickhouse Wedding images were taken with combinations of a  Nikon D4sNikon D750Nikkor 85mm 1.4GNikkor 45mm Tilt ShiftNikkor 24mm 1.4G, 5 off camera  Flashpoint R2 Speedlights, and 2  AD-200 strobes with an assortment of  MagMod modifiers. All of my images are color corrected with Adobe Lightroom only and not altered or photoshopped in any way.

I’d also like to extend a huge thank you to Brian and Rebecca for their help on this shoot, some of their images are mixed in with mine above.

In addition to these The Rickhouse Wedding Photos, Raleigh Wedding Photographer Dave Shay is available for wedding and couple’s portraiture along the entire East Coast and worldwide. To see more work from Raleigh Wedding Photographer Dave Shay, please head over to the portfolio page.


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