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Water Works Wedding – Anthony and Rebecca are Married!

I get to do weddings all over the United States, but I have to say Water Works by Cescaphe is one of the best places I’ve had the chance to shoot a wedding in the North East. The food, architecture, and atmosphere were incredible, but what really sold me on the venue was watching the way they treated Anthony and Rebecca. If you’re looking for a wedding venue in Philadelphia, I can’t recommend Water Works enough.

Now, about this couple. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting the weddings of Anthony’s cousin, arguably the wildest white man I know, as well as his brother, Toaster extraordinaire. That probably sounded better in my head. He’s the best man and he gave a toas… forget it.

The truth is I’ve gotten to know this family over a period of almost five years now and I can’t describe what an honor it is to come back time after time. These are some of the best people I know and it meant so much to be in Philadelphia in like 11 degrees to celebrate with this crowd.

There is nothing that connects deeper with me as a man, as an artist, and as a photographer than being around so many people that love each other so much, and shooting this wedding was so fulfilling on every front. All that to say, congratulations Rebecca and Anthony. 

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About the Couple


Where did your wedding take place?

Water Works by Cescaphe

What was your favorite moment on your wedding day?

Marrying my King! Seeing our family and friends having the time of their lives made us extremely happy. Also, the food!! Also, being able to be in the MOMENT thanks to the best of the best in the business looking after us!! 

What was the most helpful piece of advice you received when it came to planning your wedding?

#1 Be in the moment and don’t leave your new hubby all night. Stay together. #2 Also, budget and network to hire the best vendors AROUND! 

What was the biggest reason you chose Dave Shay Photography on your wedding day?

Is there any other option?! He’s the best. 

How would you describe your Wedding day? Use as many or as few words as you’d like

As magical a day as anyone told us it would be, and even better than we imagined. Our loved ones, each other, the engine house itself, the food, the amazing vendors. We felt like King and Queen and we truly soaked it all in! 

Is there anything else you would like me to include on your blog post or any of this information that you’d rather I didn’t share on my blog?

Thank you Dave and Company for helping capture moments we will relive the rest of our lives. We are so blessed to have had you with us. 


About the Team


Diamonds & Details Weddings and Events 


Party Time Entertainment 


Beautiful Blooms


Rev. J. Anthony (Tony) Taylor

Cake Designer:

Jen Roach Cakes / Cescaphe Event Group

Bridesmaid Dress Designer:

Sorella Vita

Groomsmen Attire:

Black Tux


Cescaphe Event Group


About the images

These WaterWorks images were taken with combinations of a Nikon D4sNikon D750Nikkor 85mm 1.4GNikkor 45mm Tilt ShiftNikkor 24mm 1.4G, 5 off camera  Flashpoint R2 Speedlights, 2  AD-200 strobes, and Litra LEDs with an assortment of  MagMod modifiers. All of my images are color corrected with Adobe Lightroom only and not altered or photoshopped in any way.

I’d also like to extend a huge thank you to Colin and Inna for helping on this shoot, some of their images are mixed in with mine above.

In addition to these Water Works Wedding Photos, Philadelphia Wedding Photographer Dave Shay is available for wedding and couple’s portraiture along the entire East Coast and worldwide. To see more work from Raleigh Wedding Photographer Dave Shay, please head over to the portfolio page.

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